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Drexel University Selects Rosslyn Analytics to Deliver Savings

By  Lance Mercereau  on  21 Sep 2015

Chicago, Illinois – September 22, 2015:  Drexel University has selected the partnership of E&I Consulting Group and Rosslyn to deliver new spend analytics capabilities to help transform and financially strengthen the institution for the future.

“Procurement plays an increasingly vital role in the transformation of higher education business operations,” stated Stephen Mack, Associate Vice President, Procurement Services, Drexel University. “With this comprehensive spend analytics service, we get strong analysis and support from E&I Consulting, and best-in-class, affordable technologies from Rosslyn Analytics. It’s a game changer for Drexel and it gives forward-thinking procurement leaders the ability to really step up and contribute to the overall success of their institutions.”

By selecting Rosslyn Analytics’ cloud-based spend analytics solution, the university will have a single analytics platform that contains all of the spend data and self-service tools procurement needs to effectively report, analyze and manage detailed spend data – while eliminating the need to buy and maintain costly hardware and software. E&I Consulting Group will assist Drexel in understanding the data, supporting the university’s strategic sourcing efforts by identifying savings opportunities.

“Drexel University is very serious about building a strategic procurement organization that delivers sustainable commercial value to the wider institution,” said Vince Patriarco, Executive Director, E&I Consulting Group. “Through the use of Rosslyn Analytics’ innovative data technologies, E&I Consulting will provide the insight and spend analytics service to help Drexel better understand their spend, improve their decision-making capabilities, and maximize operational efficiencies. We are very proud to lead this engagement.”

“Reduced funding levels have emphasized just how valuable truly strategic procurement professionals are to universities and colleges,” said Jeff Sweetman, Head of North America, Rosslyn Analytics. “Our RAPid Cloud Analytics Platform will deliver the tools to help these individuals quickly and effectively drive cost savings, ensure compliance, and maximize efficiencies in their operations.”